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We are fully satisfied in the manner which "M/S ORANGE TREND" has executed our order for T-shirts and confirm that the delivery was done on time and as per our requirements. We are impressed with their resourcefulness and their professional approach towards contract dealings.
Aby Joseph
Site Administrator
We thank you for having supplied the 20,000 Tshirts in a very short span of 25 days. Your service is much appreciated.
Chennai Port Trust
Beer & Bar Tees 
24 hours A Day 24 Beer In A Case! Coincidence ?
24 hours A Day
Rs. 339
Beer After Whisky is Risky
Beer After Whisky
Rs. 339
I take life with A Gram Of Salt Plus A Slice of lemon A short Of Takila!
A short Of Takila
Rs. 339
Had Milk! Need Beer!
Had Milk!
Rs. 339
I am Not Falling down Drunk I am Accidentally Horizontal
I am Not Falling down Drunk
Rs. 339
I am Not in Booze It Dulls the Drugs
I am Not in Booze
Rs. 339
Its Not A beer Belly, Itís a Liquid Grain Storage Facility
Its Not A beer Belly
Rs. 339
Occiffer... My drinking School has a business Problem!
My drinking School
Rs. 339
My happy Hours 9 AM to 2Am
My happy Hours
Rs. 339
When I read About evils of  Smoking / Drinking 
I gave Up Reading !
I gave Up Reading
Rs. 1
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