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The world of TShirts is all set to receive a facelift, courtesy – the new kid on the block – Orange Trend. In today’s world the word’ waiting ‘ is often spelled as ‘Punishment’. In such a scenario Orange Trend enters to market its products with high degree of ‘Perceived value! in which the most powerful aspect is its ‘Accessibility’. Orange Trend is envisioned as the trend-setter in the world of T-Shirts. Its creative designs, fetching colors and promising quality have the ability to redefine one’s lifestyle. Based in the hub of T-Shirts in Tamilnadu, Tirupur, Orange Trend is all set to be the one-stop shop for T-Shirts targeting schools, colleges, corporate companies, event organizers and clubs.

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Dedicated and skilled manpower coupled with the latest in technology is our USP. If distance and accessibility are your concerns, think again. Orange Trend’s web /telecom/in person based service coupled with our experience in exports speaks for our highly professional approach. We pledge to offer you the best quality Printed/embroidery T-shirts with logos as you desire.

» Bothered by the inability to order Shirts in small quantities

» Wanna have T-shirts designed in a jiffy

» Require custom designed logos

» Do not want to compromise on quality

» Wanna go easy on your wallet

Look no further, for your search ends here with Orange Trend. Orange Trend offers you an array of products, such as and rugby shirts. We also specialize in value added products with various types of fabric. garment finishes with embroidlary or applique or prints. So the next time you think of gifting something memorable to your loved ones, Orange trend is there for you.

» Our promise to deliver within 3 days

» Quantity is not an issue at all.

» All logos can be customized as per your requirements

» We believe in giving excellent quality at a very nominal price

» Corporate: compliments to customers/employees/contest winners/ events/ parties.

» Media channels/websites: TV/radio channels/promotion campaigns/compliments.

» Colleges: cultural/departmental events /hostel functions.

» Group tours, get-togethers. sports events etc.

» Schools: sports & house wear.

» Industries: brand promotion.

» Gym

» Clubs: social activities

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